(512) Tripel (a.k.a Three)

Malt Bill:                     Pilsen malt, wheat, oats
Key Additions:          Invert sugar, Golding
IBU:                               22
ABV:                              9.5%
Availability:                Spring
Configurations:        50L, 1/4slim

Please welcome to the family… (512) THREE Belgian Style Tripel! Brewed in the spirit of the abbey ales of Belgium, (512) THREE pours a deep golden with a dense, creamy white head. The authentic Belgian yeast strain produces a complex, spicy palate that balances ripe fruity esters with bready malts and firm but subtle hops. Our house-made liquid invert sugar contributes an effervescent mouthfeel that finishes smooth and silky but enticingly dry, barely betraying its nearly 9.5% abv!