in.gredients – first packaging free, zero waste grocery

I was very excited to read about a new micro grocery store, in.gredients, opening soon in Austin and focused on being package free and zero waste. Check them out here and read about them here. I was even more excited when I received an email saying they’d like to work with me to get (512) beer into their customers’ hands. I’m hoping Growlers ( 1/2 gallon glass jugs) become the next big off premise beer package and they’re reusable by design!


(512) is predominantly draft only for several reasons, mainly because I believe it’s the best way to deliver the freshest product to the glass. Another big reason is my personal mission to reduce single use packaging usage across the board. I’m not only thinking from a waste reduction standpoint either. Being surrounded by sturdy, reusable wares seems to enhance my enjoyment of food and beer experiences in general. So, with reusable growlers, we both get what we want. You get the ability to pick up some fresh beer for at-home enjoyment and I’m satisfied knowing you’re not likley going to discard or even recycle the package anytime soon.

Please take some time to check into in.gredients and support them. The message they’re sending is good.


You can buy (512) Growlers from the brewery (EMPTY) and have them filled at several spots around town. Email me and I’ll tell you where.